Pre 50th Reunion Survey

Hello Fellow 1969 Graduates and Friends,

Greetings fellow Highwaymen, as you know  in 2019 we will be commemorating the 50th anniversary of our graduation from Teaneck High School.  Where has the time gone?

To help mark this time, a few classmates and I have been kicking around some ideas for the 50th Reunion and would like your input concerning how to make this a memorable event.  This is going to be, after all, YOUR reunion so let's make it the best possible reunion that we can.  

Below is a short survey that will provide some information for reunion planning purposes. Please take a few minutes and let us know what you think. Kindly complete the survey by March 1, 2018.

Thank you very much,

Andy Krauser and Class of 1969 Reunion Committee

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1)   * In the past our reunion has taken place around the first weekend in June. For the 50th, would you prefer it to take place in...

  Late May/Early June
  Mid September/Early October
2)   * Your preference for dress is:

  Dress Casual
  Very Casual
3)   * Since some classmates might not be available for the main event, Sunday would give them a chance to meet and greet old friends. Would you be interested in a Sunday Brunch?

4)   * Would you be interested in being a member of the Reunion Committee? How would you like to help...? See below:

5)   * Would you be interested in a photo booth at the Reunion?

6)   * Would you be interested in a Meet and Greet on Friday night which would be part of the total reunion package?

7)   * At the 40th Reunion, we had a tour of the High School. Would you be interested in a tour of the Castle on the Hill on Saturday of the Reunion weekend?

8)   * Though too early to determine the total reunion cost, would you be interested in inviting any faculty to join us and have them be our guests?

9)   * In an effort to be mindful of the reunion cost, would you or your company/business be open to underwrite or sponsor any of the reunion expenses? Acknowledgements can be noted in the Memory Book.

10)   Please provide in the box below any suggestions, ideas or comments that you may have regarding our 50th Reunion.