45th Class of 1969 Reunion Survey

Hello Fellow 1969 Graudates and friends,

Below is a survey we are sending out to get an idea of what you, our classmates, think about our upcoming 45th Reunion in 2014. Seem like only yesterday we were making plans for the 40th.

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1)   * We have always had our reunion the first weekend in June, give or take. For this reunion, would you rather have it:

  Late May/Early June
  Mid September/Early Ocotber
2)   * We get questions about how to dress. Would you prefer:

  Dress Casual
  Very Casual
3)   * Would you like something planned for Sunday? Some classmates might not be available for the main event, and Sunday would give them a chance to meet and greet old friends.

  Sunday Brunch, check for Yes
4)   * Besides the main event on Saturday night, would you be willing to help plan any other activities during the course of the weekend? If yes, please email us thru the web site.

5)   * Would you be interested in a photobooth at the Reunion?

6)   We are also looking for volunteers to help enhance the Web Site. If you have any interest, please email us through the web site.

  I'd be interested in helping with the Web Site.
  I would not be able to help with the web site.